We now have two teams!

We have two translation teams working in Bristol and Manchester. Progress will be quicker. We also have our own portable studio!

In the new year we will start filming new clips. We have loads of video clips ready to film but we need Deaf people - Focus Groups - to look at them first. We need feedback from you. Let us know if you are interested to be part of a Focus Group and we will give you information.  

You can also leave your comments, both written and signed, on our Facebook page.


Bristol team


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 We need you!

Mark 1:1 to 3:6  Mark 3:7 to 6:6a

P&P for one or two DVDs is £1.75

Special offer: £5 for both DVDs + £1.75 P&P.

P&P for more than 2 DVDs please contact the Treasurer.

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We are always looking for new people who are interested in becoming

If interested contact us.

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